Spring Favourites

Spring is under way at last; here are a few things I have been both loving and reaching for this season:

For makeup, spring is all about the pinks and the nudes; I generally lean towards the more natural looks.

~ Mac Lipstick - Blankety

~ Barry M - Dazzle Dust

~ Seventeen - Instant Glow Shimmer Brick

~ No7 - Colour Perfect Shadow (really old!)

It's time to brighten up your nails now that the sun is out;

(From left to right)

~ Revlon - 320 "Jaded"

~ Max Factor - 35 "Pearly Pink"

~ Rimmel - 07

~ Estee Lauder - Pure Colour "GH Love Bite"

~ Barry M - "Sugar Apple" 421

~ Revlon - 610 "Lily"

This time of year means that my choice of drink is any form of green tea, in particular Twinings Jasmine Green Tea

Going from the chill of winter, to the warmth that spring has to offer means it is essential to keep your skin hydrated all over. I have been loving Nivea at the moment as their products are lightweight on the skin, yet long lasting and fast absorbing.

(From left to right and in order of use)

~ In-shower body moisturiser - Cocoa Butter

~ Express Hydration Body Lotion - Sea Minerals

~ Soothing Cleansing Mousse for the face

~ Light Moisturising Cream

~ Sensitive Night Cream

A change of season means a change of scent; these next two products smell divine over the top of the Nivea scent already on the skin.

~ Dolce & Gabbana - Light Blue

~ "Q" Body Spray - Balance

And finally, I find that spring is paired best with jazz/alternative/chilled-type music; I have had Tom Misch on repeat so far this season (https://soundcloud.com/tommisch).

Lots of love Luisa xo