Back 2 School - (10 minute) Everyday Makeup Routine

Back 2 School - (10 minute) Everyday Makeup Routine

Christmas is finally over and the new year is well under way. With this in mind, I thought it appropriate to share my school/everyday makeup routine.

Moisturising is a necessity. Don't forget your lips need to stayed soft too, just incase you meet your future lover ;) I use the Clinique "Moisture Surge; extended thirst relief" every morning, partnered with the Blistex daily lip conditioner.

(Note, I will always have a Carmex lip balm tube in my bag as it can tend to me more nourishing and easier to use in the day)

After I'm moisturised, I use my newly purchased Bobbi Brown BB Cream. This can be applied with fingers, however I'm a brush girl so I have opted for the Zoeva "Silk Finish" brush.

(Note 2, Any other foundation brush will work equally as well



If my skin is particularly oily, an unpredictable occurrence around my T-zone from time to time,  I tend to solve this by applying a light layer of my Guerlain powder with a Chanel powder brush. With or without the Guerlain powder, the next step is to apply the Rimmel "Stay Matte" powder, just to keep the BB Cream in place that little bit longer whilst avoiding any oil seeping through in the day.

For concealer, the Collection "Illuminating Touch" is perfect for under the eyes. When applying this, be sure to use straight strokes downwards rather than following the circles themselves as this gives much better coverage. To make this step easier, I use Chanel's Foundation "6" brush. 

(Note 3, I tend to go for a colour just a touch lighter than my natural tone in order to bring out my eyes and cover dark circles even more successfully).

For those random, irritating, imperfections on other areas of the face, I rely on L'oreal "Perfect Match" to get rid of them. For this step I prefer to use the Real Techniques "Buffing Brush". Light taps followed by soft circles are the best way to cover the marks without spreading the concealer much further than the imperfection itself. 

This next step is optional. With my round, chubby cheeked, face I can't go a day without contouring my cheeks and jaw line; for bronzer I use the Guerlain palette with four different tones. The shade on the top left is the colour I use to create a strong shadow across the bottom of my jaw line. To do this I use the Real Techniques "Contour Brush". Taking a mix of the darker colours (top right and bottom left) I then contour my cheek bones using the Zoeva "Luxe Sheer Cheek" brush. Once this is complete I softly blend out the contouring to make it look as natural as possible using the Mac brush. Using the same brush I add a touch of Benefit's "Dandelion" Blusher. This is one of my favourite blushers as it adds a subtle pink to the cheek as if the cold has lightly touched your skin.

For eyes, it's nice to keep it simple

(Note 4, save the fancy shadow for a night out).

 I use the Mac eyelash curler

(Note 5, this was my first eyelash curler at the age of around 12/13. I haven't had to replace it or buy a new one so it's worth every penny).

I then darken my upper waterline (

Note 6, not both as it can look too heavy for this kind of look)

using the L'oreal "Colour Riche" eyeliner pencil

(Note 7, I desperately need a new one!).

After this I coat my previously curled top lashes with Guerlain's Black Mascara, followed by the bottom lashes using Clinique's "Bottom Lash" mascara.

The final step, which can in actual fact be done at any point during this routine, is of course the eyebrows. I have naturally bushy eyebrows and only tend to fill them with a shadow on a very important evening. Any other time I will opt for the Benefit "Speed Brow" gel as it offers a little colour whilst keeping my brows in place all day. Although the product has a good applicator, I like to perfect the shape before the gel-type product dries using a Revlon eyebrow brush.

And that's the routine complete! It's perfect for school, casual days and any time you find yourself in a hurry.

Happy Blogging 

Love Luisa xo