The Strong & The Weak

Two roses; one full of life, the other discoloured. One strong, one weak. Both have experienced the same amount of "food", yet their outcome is far from similar.

Strength can be both physical and psychological. We are able to see physical strength in people, but what is less recognised today is the strength within people; what separates the strong from the weak isn't just their physical capabilities, but it's about the courage and determination people have.

To be strong can be anything from the ability to get through the day, to making it through exams. It can be holding in a million different emotions and feelings all at once. Strength is being able to stand up for what you believe. It is to acknowledge and take control of certain situations. Strength is having the willpower to say "no". It is the self motivation to do something productive. Strength is finding a light at the end of the tunnel; having the power to face the challenges life gives us.

It's all a matter of perception that causes us to become what we consider the "strong" and the "weak"; it is the difference between those who take on a challenge, and those who view it as an opportunity to give up at the first hurdle. Trying and "failing" in something you do doesn't make you weak. In fact it's whether or not you pick yourself back up and try again that makes you strong.

All of this seems obvious, it's what we've all heard before. But no matter how many times we hear it, as a society, we are still not giving ourselves and others enough credit.

Someone once said that "if you believe, you are already half way there". Clear your vision, find a way through it, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve.

Which rose will you be?

Luisa xo