From Lush Cosmetics to Kylie Jenner: Current Favs

From Lush Cosmetics to Kylie Jenner: Current Favs

Recently I have been loving a wide range of different things, from people to music to products. So for today's blog I thought I would share them with you.

 First up, I was kindly treated by a friend to some lush bath bombs. Each different in their own way but equally as pleasing.

The first of the bath bombs I used is called "

Sex Bomb

". Giving off an explosion of pink, this particular bath bomb has the scent of jasmine and clary sage oil which work perfectly together to give you a relaxing and calming experience. I would recommend this one after a long hectic day.

Next I used "


" which left the bath water a gorgeous shimmering blue colour. "Frozen" is a combination of Neroli, Grapefruit and Rose oil and also includes subtle silver sparkles to make it that bit more enjoyable.

Finally (and probably the most exciting of the collection) I used "


". This bath bomb is an eruption of colour and glitter; whilst fizzing under the water, the colours spread around the bath like popping candy. Lush describes this particular bath bomb as 'a trip around the Milky Way' and I couldn't agree more. After the colours fade, you are left with a deep blue tub that shimmers as the light hits it from different angles. Be warned, when emptied, this will leave your bath a looking like you've just spilt a pot of gold glitter over it but don't fret, this is easily washed down and quite frankly looks very pretty anyway!

Now this wouldn't be a blog post without some lipsticks making an appearance and boy have I been loving a few at the moment.

First up is Charlotte Tilbury's "

Nude Kate

" that featured in my

Mother's Day

post. Like all of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, Nude Kate is long-lasting with a creamy texture that is easily applied. This lipstick is extremely pigmented and so can be worn without the need for lipliner as a base. This nude shade offers a soft colour to the lip that doesn't take attention away from other features of a makeup look.


Sandy B

" is probably the most spring-perfect lipstick I am yet to have come across. This creamy and colour-true shade by MAC has slight gold pigments that work with the apricot undertone and frosty effect to give the lips a touch of spring. I find the lipstick has a brightening effect that brings an outfit to life. It is perfect for this time of year as the sun begins to shine more regularly and the flowers are about to bloom.

Lastly for lipsticks is another MAC shade. "


" is what I would describe as a mauve frost that has small gold and silver pigments which shine when the light hits. I was worried before buying that it would give a gritty feeling when applied but I was completely wrong; this lipstick moves across smoothly and leaves the lips with an illuminated cool-tone that again is perfect for this time of year.

I purchased this Guerlain "

Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer

" in December; at an expensive £46, I was anxious that this would have been the biggest waste of money. However this is probably the best high-end product I've ever purchased (a bold, but true, statement!). This primer illuminates the face whilst giving the effect of an even skin-tone. It can be used to work with makeup, leaving it looking 'glowy' and fresh, or it can simply be used alone when not wearing makeup to give the impression of naturally luminous skin. The pearlescent extras are supposed to 'capture and reflect light, whilst blurring the appearance of fine lines' and I cannot express enough how true this is. Furthermore the product smells floral and fresh which is just what you want when applying to the face. The primer is extremely lightweight, so much so that it feels like a gel when applying, as well as sinking into the skin incredibly fast. I highly recommend this product for giving your skin an extra boost.

Another product that gives your skin an extra boost is the NIP+FAB "

Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel

". To be applied after a thorough cleanse, this gel works throughout the night to resurface the skin by gently lifting away dead skin cells. I noticed a difference after just one use, let alone over a longer period of time. Best for dull and oily skin, the gel leaves the skin looking fresh and smooth by morning.

Above is a random but favourite accessory of mine; this

Marble Laptop Case

is simply aesthetically pleasing and has now led me to purchasing a marble phone case that matches!

 My current favourite app is "Mood Notes". It is a simple way of writing down how you feel each day (or whenever you feel like it). There are various ways of using the app; you can choose just to rate how your feeling by the adjusting mood of the face on screen, you can write up your feelings or/and you can choose adjectives that express how you feel. The app also gives you the option to learn about how to cope with the emotions you have expressed. I would describe Mood Notes as a virtual counselling session. I have always found that physically expressing how I feel whether it be writing on paper or on my phone helps to clear my mind and stop me from over-thinking. This app is the perfect way to de-stress and learn life-skills. I highly recommend it.

Someone who I have been loving at the moment is Kylie Jenner. Now she may get a lot of stick for her lips but I can't get enough of her! She is versatile, exciting and completely unpredictable. In my opinion she is a fashion icon who's style I aspire to. Despite the inevitable negative publicity she gets, she is truly slaying right now in each of her different looks. I also borrowed a friend's Kylie Lip Kit to test it out and WOW! (I'll save that for another blog post).

My favourite album at the moment has to be Rihanna's "Anti". My top songs from the album are;

Consideration, Work, Desperado, Needed me, Yeah I Said It, Higher and Close to You.

..(So almost all of the album haha). It brings back some of her old vibes which I love and the songs don't at all sound similar to one another. This album will leave you feeling sassy af and is well worth a listen.

One of my all time favourite artists Kendrick Lamar surprised the world with a new album "Untitled Unmastered" at the beginning of this month. I would definitely say this is more of a chilled album compared to some of this others and, like Rihanna, it feels a little more like his older stuff. My personal favourite from the album is "

Untitled 02 | 06.23.2014


And finally as for other songs that I've been really loving, I recommend giving these a listen if you don't already know them:

Alone In Hong Kong - Tim Kellner

Me & You - Sam Sure

Fire - Bipolar Sunshine

Selfish - Jordan Rakei

Never Heard Nothin' - Galapaghost (Kloter Remix)

Higher - Wookie ft Zak Abel

7 Years - Lukas Graham

Thank you for reading

What have you been loving recently?

Love Luisa x