A MIDWEEK RANT: Brandy Melville's 'One Size Fits All'

A MIDWEEK RANT: Brandy Melville's 'One Size Fits All'

Whilst wandering through Carnaby Street on my lunch break, I noticed Brandy Melville in the corner of my eye and felt a sudden urge to go inside. A shop that I have only previously visited about twice in my life, it's not my typical choice for various reasons, including the major issue of their 'one size fits all' policy. For todays post I simply fancied having a rant about this ridiculous notion that one size apparently fits all.

It comes as no surprise for me to mention that there has been a significant increase in the number of celebrities and other influencers that are drawing attention to the unequal aspects of the fashion and beauty industry. Whether it's the lack of diversity in shade ranges across most makeup brands (Rihanna & Fenty Beauty are of course excluded from this), or the practically non-existent diversity in the fashion show world (when will all the runways have curvy women too?!), people are drawing attention to these issues more than ever before. That being said, it seems that Brandy Melville and various other stores still seem to believe that 'one size fits all'.

Now I'm not going to say I've never bought a product that only comes in one size before, because that would be a lie, however the 'one size' products that I have bought have always been intentionally oversized jumpers and jackets! But whilst walking around Brandy Melville, staring at all these cutsie/girly clothes, I felt a sudden burst of anger as to how a relatively well-known brand is able to produce clothes that pretty much exclude anyone over the size of XS... Despite most of the clothing items having a somewhat 'breathable' (or 'stretchy' if you will *rolls eyes*) fabric, this simply won't do for us bigger busted gals! In a time where social media is making young, influential, girls feel pretty crappy about themselves 99% of the time, it seems absurd to then make girls believe that 'one size' is the 'only size' when it comes to shopping, and if you don't fit into their clothing, then you are made to feel imperfect and unworthy. Yes, there are hundreds of stores that you can visit with more 'inclusive' sizing, but to me having 'one size' for the majority of one brands' clothing simply shouldn't be allowed. 

There is no such thing as the 'average girl'; we are all different shapes, heights, boob and bum sizes, so for that I refuse to be made to feel like an 'outsider' for not fitting into some silly Brandy Melville crop top. But I also refuse to sit here and pretend that it's okay for these stores to continue putting down others self esteem. I'm not going to try and suggest a solution as such, but I just felt like having a bit of a rant and letting off some steam about the 'one size fits all' concept, in the hope that I'm not the only one who gets riled up by it.

For all the ladies reading, don't let brands define you. Love the skin you've been born in and stick two fingers up to those who make you feel any less powerful and brilliant than you are. We're making slow progress, but progress nonetheless, in the equality for women sector of the world so lets not let these small-minded brands keep us from empowering ourselves and slowing this progress down any further!

Okay...rant over...If I keep typing I really won't stop, so I'll see you all at the weekend for some seasonal posts to get you excited about this time of year.

Luisa xo