Skincare routines vary from person to person; trying to convince friends to try new products and change up their routines is often a challenge, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you were extremely curious and potentially doubtful by the title of this post but don’t turn off just yet!

bliss have released a ‘

fabulous makeup melt gel-to-oil cleanser

’ (the clue is in the name) that quite literally melts your makeup away. You may be wondering 'well surely that means the makeup sinks into your pores' (which everyone knows is a skincare nightmare!) but as you massage the gel across the skin, the product changes into an oil formula that allows you to wash away the makeup with just a splash of water!

Still not convinced? I’ll keep going…I’ve tested this out using various methods over the last few weeks and I have to admit it’s not the most ideal makeup remover for mascara (but you can’t expect the world can you hah). Eyes aside, after every time using this product I then went on to either use a toner or a cleanser with a hot cloth to really reveal if there’s any residue left lingering on the skin and I can wholeheartedly confirm that on every occasion so far, my skin has come out squeaky clean and its quite frankly been a waste of all my cleanser and toner !!!

I don’t think I’m entirely used to the idea of ‘rubbing away’ makeup with simply a gel formula, but I can’t deny that it really does do the job. You probably won’t believe it until you try it… I know I certainly didn’t. So if you're looking for some 'new year, new skincare' (that's a thing right?) products then give this one a go!

Luisa xo